Current Lab Members






Teagan Mulford
Biology Undergraduate
Focus:Behavior and conservation Biography

I've wanted to be an entomologist since I was little, and I absolutely love insects. I work in the Monte Life Sciences Bean Museum and with the Nelson lab. I love being outside, and with the knowledge I've gained from working with the Nelson lab, I can identify much of the beautiful living creatures outside.

Interests: I love collecting insects and learning to identify new things, as well as camping and hiking and reading lots of books.


Maya Rupard 
Wildlife and Wildlands Conservation Undergraduate Student 
Focus: Coleoptera Biography

I'm from Pennsylvania and I am studying Wildlife Conservation at BYU. I work at the Monte L. Bean Life Science Museum in the insect collections where my main responsibility is assisting in curation of our terrestrial insect collection.

Interests: In my free time I enjoy traveling and collecting insects (aquatic and terrestrial) as well curating my own personal entomological collection.



Sam Bennett
Biology Undergraduate Student