The Nature Experience

The Nature Experience is an opportunity for students to explore the world around them. Students are required to:

- Choose an experiment 
- Write a proposal form stating what will be done and what questions will be answered
- Perform all necessary testing
- Students will be expected to do a 5-6 page write-up:
"It will include directed thought, field work, library work, and technical writing. The works of others will be sought and properly cited. The product of this project will be 5-6 pages of text with associated figures and tables.  These figures and tables are to be properly cited in the text and include full captions. Plagiarism is unethical and will be avoided. The experience itself will be largely conducted outdoors and include observations of non-human living organisms. These organisms will be properly identified using scientific literature and other field guides. The key to a good nature experience often includes looking in new places or looking in familiar for unfamiliar situations."

 - Dr. Nelson is very specific about the format of the paper:
This is an example, it demonstrates the requirements, discusses how to develop ideas, and includes the grading rubric:
nature experience format.doc

Examples of abstracts:
Abstracts Example 1.docx Abstracts Example 2.doc Abstracts Example 3.docx Abstracts Example 4.doc

- Here are some examples of  The Nature Experience Paper:
Nature Experience example 1.docx
Nature Experience example 2.docx Nature Experience example 3.doc

- Example of the proper format for the proposal:
proposal example.doc
-If this is all seeming over-whelming, there is no need to worry:
1. The TA's are there to help and will most likely be doing a help session during the semester
2. This PowerPoint makes it simpler to understand
IMRAD TA seminar f2011.pptx
- Frequently Asked Questions: 
Nature Experience FAQ.doc
- If you need help with any researching scientific articles, visit this site: